Why Adoption? and other answers to FAQ questions

In this page, we have tried to answer many of the questions that people ask about our journey.  If you see something missing that you would love to have answered, send me an e-mail!   

Why Adoption? 
I have two younger brothers.  Growing up, I always wondered what it would be like to have a little sister.  Unable to have any more children biologically, my mother contemplated adopting a little girl from China.  For many reasons, this never happened, but it planted the seed of adoption in my mind.  In college, I felt led by God to investigate the plight of the orphan further.  Once Future Papa and I were engaged, we discussed the possibility of growing our family through adoption, one day.  After we got married, and began talking more seriously about a family, I continued to be drawn to adoption.  Initially, we had agreed that we would have biological children first, saving adoption for when we were more financially stable.  But God had other plans. 

As I grew in  my faith, I also felt God tugging my heart to adoption.  Over and over again, the Bible discusses the special place in God's heart for the fatherless.  The most obvious example is Moses, adopted by Pharaoh's daughter.  Another notable example is Jesus, who was born without an earthly father and adopted by Joseph.  And, after all, are we not all God's adopted sons and daughters? 

But really, what about your baby-maker?
Many people discover God calling them to adoption after the heartbreak of infertility.  I do think, however, it is important to mention that there are other reasons to adopt!  As far as I know, my baby-maker is fully functional ;-)  Adoption, for us, is a Plan A.  We are not adopting because we can't have biological children, but because we feel God calling us to adopt.  To adopt a child without parents.  To make him or her eat their veggies and clean their room.  To teach them about Jesus.  Currently, statistics state that there are 147 million orphans in the world.  We can't save them all.  But, we hope to make a difference in the life of just one. 

Why International Adoption?  And why Taiwan?
While there are certainly many needy children in the US foster care system, we feel the Lord calling us overseas for many reasons.  God did not just create the United States, but the whole world.  People see countries, but God sees people.  We are young and able to travel.  At this stage in our lives, we feel best able to parent an infant.  Too often, children available for adoption internationally experience malnutrition and overcrowded orphanages as the rule, not the exception.  We also feel able to provide a home that celebrates our child's native culture and heritage.  While our efforts cannot make up for the cultural loss of leaving his or her home country, we can provide something even more important: a family.  We are full of love and excited to become parents!  We know that this child will do more for us than we could ever do for them.

To read our first post on why we are adopting from Taiwan, click here.  The short story: the beauty and modern cities of this country mask a harsh truth: up to 50% of all Taiwanese women have had an abortion.  For many, this is not a "pro-choice" decision, most of these women have no choice.  The orphanages are full and the stigma associated with being an unwed mother is severe.  Cultural factors place a tremendous amount of value on bloodlines, so the children remain in orphanages, unadopted by the people of the country.  Because the orphanages are full, some experts now believe that the yearly abortion rate exceeds the birthrate, for mothers who do not want their children have no viable choice for their children.  We have chosen to work with an agency, His Hands, whose primary focus is not adoption, but to support the birth mother and teach her the skills she needs to raise her child as a single mother.  Should she chose not to do so, they offer adoption as a last option.  This need for adoptive parents, combined with many other reasons, has led us to the decision to adopt an child, of either gender, from this country. 

Why is international adoption so expensive if the need is so great?   
Many people assume that we will be writing one big check to our adoption agency and that's the end of that.  This could not be farther from the truth!  There are fees associated with our applications, country, home study, legal documents, notarization, translating, background checks, fingerprinting, travel, visas, and more.  We'll certainly be writing checks to our agency, but our money will also be flowing into our local and state governments and various institutions in Taiwan (like the orphanage, courts, etc.).  Airlines won't fly us around the world for free, doctors need paychecks to buy their kids dinner, and social workers like money to buy a cute top from time to time.  

As I mentioned above, originally the Future Papa and I thought we would be adopting down the road.  With a larger bank account.  With everything all in place.  But, the more we have prayed, the more we have grown, the more we have learned that this is not His will.  Our original plan does not require faith.  It does not allow Him to call his people in support of us.  It does not showcase His awesome love and power.  Adoption is expensive, but we believe the the Lord will help us to find a way to finance this mission.  We will store our treasures in heaven.  For more about this topic, please see our donate tab! 

**UPDATE: Through God's provision, our adoption is FULLY FUNDED!

Does God want all Christians to adopt?
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.  James 1:27 

Ministry to the orphan and the widow will look different for all of us, but the fact of the matter is, God calls each and every one of us to do something for the plight of the orphan and widow.  This pure and faultless action may involve being a foster parent, babysitting a widowed mother's children so she can have a night for herself, or sponsoring a child in an orphanage.  There are many loving ways to reach out.  I believe that God blesses each of us with different dreams, burdens, hopes, and passions.  For the Future Papa and I, ours is a desire to welcome an orphan into our family.  To become parents through adoption not because we can't have a child any other way, but because we choose to grow our family through adoption.  If you are not sure where God is leading you, I encourage you to prayerfully consider how He hopes you will look after the orphan and the widow.  

Why are you writing this blog?
To document our journey!  I want to remember every moment of this adventure.  And since lately I have been pretty much obsessing over all things baby, this will (hopefully) work as an outlet for my ramblings about chubby baby cheeks and nursery decor.  It's a prevention technique really, so that at work I can maintain my image as a serious scholar, relegating the excited mama chatter to...well...here!

I am also writing for our future son or daughter, who may not have many (or any) baby pictures.  I will have missed his or her first smiles, sounds, and little movements.  But, through this blog, I hope he or she will be able to feel our love and excitement wrapped up with our "paper pregnancy."

And...we are first time parents, and we can use all the help and advice we can get!  Quite frankly, the idea of becoming a parent is exciting, but it is also scary!  Fears, doubts, questions, unknowns, eek!  We hope to be able to join the fantastic online community not only of adoptive parents, but also just parents in general.  I have found tremendous comfort in reading through many of your blogs.  Ya'll are an impressive group of strong, creative, loving mothers (any men out there reading this?).  Truly inspirational...living examples of the type of mother I hope to be.  I'm also excited that possibly, potentially, someone who is considering adoption may stumble upon our blog and become just as excited about adoption as we are!  That God may use us to play a small role in inspiring others to follow Him in caring for "the least of these."

Thinking about adoption?
Here are some posts from other blogs that I have found quite inspirational.  Happy reading!

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