Our Leaves of Love Tree

UPDATE: We are THRILLED to announce that our adoption is FULLY FUNDED and that we are no longer in need of financial support. Thank you! 

Help!  Our tree is NAKED!
And we want it to look like this...

There are three ways you can help our tree to blossom!

1. "Leaf" us a donation here for our adoption.  Help bring our baby home!

2.  Buy your own Leaves of Love tree HERE!

3.  Send us an e-mail with a bible verse for our future child: expectingablessing@gmail.com

Each action adds a a fingerprint leaf and your name to our tree.  {If you send us a verse, we will include that as well.}  We will be hanging this tree in our nursery.  For me and Future Papa, it will be a reminder of the love, the tears, the joy, and the work that went into our adoption.  (Adoption brings a whole new meaning to "labor pains," doesn't it?!)  We hope this tree will be overflowing with the fingerprints of family, friends, and blog readers, each accompanied by their signature.  We just know this tree is going to take our breath away every time we walk past the room.  A reminder of how God provided for us.  And, for our child...he or she is going to be able to look up and see all the people who loved him or her even before he or she arrived home!
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