Meet the Family

So, we'll be the first to admit that we can be a bit loony!  But that's what makes us fun, right?  Meet the family.

Blessed Mama, formally "Future Mama": A loved wife, daughter, and sister who is excited to add mama to that list.  Both a graduate student and teacher of undergraduates.  Loves to travel.  Vegetarian.  Creative but not artistic, messy but loves organization, MAJOR sweet tooth.  A bit baby-crazy these days.

Blessed Papa, formally "Future Papa":  A true gentleman, born and raised in the South.  Loves sports, running, rowing, (yes, I am a lucky lady).  Outdoorsy.  Is known to make the house shake with his bass playing.  The calm to my storm.

Dasher: High energy.  High energy.  High energy.  Loves to jump.  And run.  Did I mention high energy?  Unrefined, but full of love, ready to cover your face with sloppy kisses the second he can reach it.  A true cuddler...when he's not too hot.  Loves to eat bones while we watch Bones.

Haley:  Wise beyond her years.  Independent, loves laps, with a personality as sweet as the warm chocolate chip cookies that I am currently craving.  Observes our crazy antics and laughs...on the inside.  

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