Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Daddy Gift Basket

Posted by Angie at 3:46 PM
So, months and months before we even received a referral, I read a little post on The Dating Divas about the days immediately following becoming new parents.  While most of it is geared towards babies entering the world the old fashion way, I did see one idea that I just loved: making a "New Daddy" basket.

And so, once we got our referral, I immediately began gathering items for a basket for my husband.  I bought them slowly, about once a week, so the papa-to-be didn't notice the extra charges.  Once we got back from Taiwan, I gave it to him. 

Here is what was inside:
Caffeinated Soda (we never kept it around the house...until now!)
Heavy Duty paper plates...oooh...the good stuff
His Favorite Candy
Comfortable new pajama pants
Bottle of Migraine Medicine ;-)
Onesie for Levi that says "This is my rocking out t-shirt" since hubby plays the bass

Right before my husband had "daddy duty" alone for the first time, Levi and I tossed it all together on the bed.  It was a nice little surprise for him to discover while I was away.  Side note...for those adopting older babies...the Ergo Sport Carrier = LOVE for us!

Much love,
Blessed Mama


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