Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's Only the Beginning.

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Levi is our greatest adventure. 

I began this blog January 1, 2011. For 2 years now, I have shared our adoption story.  This cozy little corner of the internet has been like a warm chair and a steamy mug of hot chocolate for me.  A place for me to curl up at the end of a day and chat about the highs and lows of the journey to our son.

But the truth is, this is only the beginning of our journey.  Our great adventure.
Our family.

This is a hard post for me to write.  This blog holds my hopes, my dreams, and my heartaches.  Swirling through these pages are a mix of the joy and the pain we carried with us these past years.  But ultimately, this space endeavored to capture one thing...our journey to Levi.

I see so many women I admire in this world.  Some I love face-to-face, others inspire me with words through their own corners of the internet.  Many thrive with wonderful families and a beautiful blog.  I must recognize my limits, though.  Life has always been a juggling act, but now, I have the most precious ball of all to juggle.  I always knew that when this tiny Taiwanese blessing entered my life, some of the balls I juggle would need to be packed away for awhile.  This blog is one of them.  

I thank you for the encouragement over the past 2 years.  I thank you for the patient ears, the kinds words, and the honest stories.  Brooke and I swapped our last "Friends for Adoption" gift in November, stay tuned to her blog for updates there.  Though my writing here will cease, for now, I will not stop reading your blogs, following your stories, praying for your individual journeys.

I don't think this is goodbye forever, though!  Think of it as a "see you later" while we settle into our life as a family of three.  Even though our adoption journey contained challenges, frustration, and was worth it.  Worth it.  Worth it times a million, my friends.  And, though we still have many prayers to pray, pennies to save, and days to wait....I will venture a strong prediction, a strong hope, rather, that Levi will not be the only child we adopt.

So don't forget this little corner.  Keep an eye on this little space from time to time.  Because one day, one seemingly ordinary day, we may be announcing that we are expecting another blessing.

Until then, shine on, my readers, my friends, my inspirational people.  Many blessing on your own journeys.

Much love,
Blessed Mama  

Daddy Gift Basket

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So, months and months before we even received a referral, I read a little post on The Dating Divas about the days immediately following becoming new parents.  While most of it is geared towards babies entering the world the old fashion way, I did see one idea that I just loved: making a "New Daddy" basket.

And so, once we got our referral, I immediately began gathering items for a basket for my husband.  I bought them slowly, about once a week, so the papa-to-be didn't notice the extra charges.  Once we got back from Taiwan, I gave it to him. 

Here is what was inside:
Caffeinated Soda (we never kept it around the house...until now!)
Heavy Duty paper plates...oooh...the good stuff
His Favorite Candy
Comfortable new pajama pants
Bottle of Migraine Medicine ;-)
Onesie for Levi that says "This is my rocking out t-shirt" since hubby plays the bass

Right before my husband had "daddy duty" alone for the first time, Levi and I tossed it all together on the bed.  It was a nice little surprise for him to discover while I was away.  Side note...for those adopting older babies...the Ergo Sport Carrier = LOVE for us!

Much love,
Blessed Mama
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