Monday, December 10, 2012

How's it Going?

Posted by Angie at 11:44 PM
One month ago today, we held Levi in our arms for the first time.

Tomorrow night will mark two weeks since we arrived home.


How's it going?  Well, motherhood is amazing.  In both the quiet and the not-so-quiet moments, I find myself just staring at Levi.  Our son.  So perfect for us in so many ways.  Each day we get to know each other a little better.  Each day he buries himself a little deeper into our arms and our hearts.

Jet lag was pretty miserable, and unfortunately, we are still adjusting there.  Levi, the amazing sleep-through-the-night-with-quick-feedings sleeper is not quite the amazing sleeper he was.  Though we never planned it, we are co-sleeping with him in bed with us.  At first, he woke up every 30 minutes or so screaming for one of us to comfort him.  Now, as long as he can feel one of us next to him, he allows himself to sleep a little heavier.  Each time he wakes up and sees us beside him, or reaches over to rub our arms, his little head and heart seem content that we are still here.  Eventually, we will convince him that we aren't going anywhere.

Days are fun!  He is ALL play, ALL the time.  He has the scoot/crawl down.  He is sitting.  He loves to stand up while holding our hands.  Jumping is a favorite activity.  Smiles are plentiful.  Laughs are just beginning.  I look forward to the day we finally get a full belly laugh from this little man!

We are holding strong to parts of our "post adoption" plan and adjusting others.  No one is holding, feeding, cuddling, or changing diapers but my husband and me.  We have invited friends into our home in small numbers and Levi has been quite a little charmer.  We have been out and about some, which Levi also enjoys.  He has an ear infection, unfortunately, so we have already been to the pediatrician twice and have another appointment this week.

Speaking of the pediatrician, I'll leave you with one more little story before a couple pictures.  We chose our pediatrician because he is adopting from Ethiopia, and understands well the blessings of adoption, as well as the limited health information.  When he began prescribing amoxiciallian for Levi, I stopped him briefly. 

"What is it?"  he asked.

"Oh nothing." I replied.

"No, really?" he prompted.

"Well, I am allergic to amoxiciallian, so I was about to ask if we could give him something else, because Levi would probably be allergic too.  But clearly..." Our eyes drifted over to the smiling Asian baby in his diaper on the table and we laughed.  It really is really is a work of children can be born in your heart so strongly that you forget that you aren't biologically related.  And it's only been a month.

Much love,
Blessed Mama


kaleena said...

So happy for you! Enjoy your best Christmas ever!

Naomi Rice said...

Love the pediatrician story! Also, love seeing pictures of him with you! So happy for you guys =) Seriously, everytime i see your post in my blog roll I click on it right away! Our book is being shown to a potential birth mom today and we are really excited. This baby will be fully African American and we are thrilled to be considered as potential birth parents!


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