Thursday, November 8, 2012

When do we leave?

Posted by Angie at 1:19 PM
Hi all!

Blessed Mama here...blogging from the Chicago airport! Clearly, the last 24 hours have been a bit of a whirlwind. When we received news of our final decree yesterday, we called our adoption travel agent, who informed us that he saw some openings and could get us on flights...the next day!

So we packed, tied up loose ends at work, texted, called, and e-mailed family. Levi's godparents came by with dinner and helped us pack and clean. Much later than expected (ahem...midnight) we finally were ready to drive to Blessed Papa's parents' house with the cat, the dog, 4 bags to check, 2 backpacks, and 2 diaper bags!

This morning we successfully completed the first leg of the journey. We woke up and had a prayer with my husband's whole family. My mother-in-law and future sister-in-law both took off work just to ride with us to the airport and be with us. It was the perfect start to what will be our biggest adventure!

We had a few problems at check-in...and eventually discovered the reason was because we didn't have a baby with us. They eventually asked my husband, "where is your child?" To which he later told me he wanted to say, "Gasp!! Where is he? I thought he was with you." Luckily he didn't, hehe, and we explained our situation...that on the way HOME we would have a darling little boy!!!

We arrived in Chicago and had to go to the international terminal and try to get Blessed Papa a boarding pass there. Walk up to the check in desk...and it has a huuuuge line. We began to settle ourselves in for a long wait when the manager came up, noticing that we didn't have any bags to check, and took us right to a desk! "Do you have seats together?" he asked without prompting. Unfortunately, we didn't. A few keystrokes later, Blessed Papa had a boarding pass, we had seats together for the 16 hour flight, and we were done! We haven't been on the plane yet...but so far...we recommend Cathay Pacific!

This is the first minute I have had to sit and record my thoughts, so bear with me. We feel so blessed. Honestly and truly, as hard as the wait was, it is already melting away. We are in awe of how it is all coming together! We will meet Levi Saturday morning in Taiwan, which is Friday night eastern time. I'm not sure how the Internet is going to be, but we hope to keep you posted!

Much love,
Blessed Mama


Katie said...

Yay! So happy you are on your way! Even if you don't have time to write, just give us the pictures. :)

Michelle Zach Miller on November 8, 2012 at 6:38 PM said...

I have chills and tears in my eyes! So happy for you. Enjoy every second of your sweet boy! And Say hi to Kate for me!!!

Sherry Mitchell said...

And then when it seems hopeless... you get there. Welcome Mama, enjoyed the ride!

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