Friday, October 5, 2012

Birth Mother Gift pt.2

Posted by Angie at 7:00 AM
So, in addition to the locket...

  ...we ordered one more gift for our birth mother: a beautiful bilingual bible.

Taiwan's writing system is "traditional" Mandarin, while all of China uses "simplified" Mandarin.  So, as you can imagine, it is MUCH more difficult to find items with the traditional lettering, especially with an English translation.  So, when we ordered the the "Traditional Hardcover" version of the book we weren't sure how it would look.  We are so pleased with it!  Half of each page is in English while the other half has the translation.

My husband and I will be praying with this bible until we travel.  We will be underlining passages that we find comfort and encouragement in, on the English portion of the page.  Our hope is that when Levi's first mother receives this book and sees our markings, she will skim over to the corresponding Mandarin, out of curiosity, if nothing else.  Perhaps these words will bring her comfort too.

If we are unable to give this to her, we will keep this book as continue to pray, giving it to Levi when he is older. If we are able to give this to her, we will order two more and underline the same passages that we marked in hers (perhaps in a special colored pen or highlighter).  One copy, we will store away, for when Levi is old enough.  The last copy, we will keep, as our own special copy representing this special tie between us, and continue to read, pray with, and mark passages within it.

We also ordered Levi his first bible off this website!  My husband is actually the one who selected it, because it reminded him of his own childhood bible.  We got this one, and it is also beautiful in person.

(note: Levi won't actually be able to read Chinese, obviously!  We hope to enroll him in some language classes once he is old enough, so that he doesn't lose this part of his culture.  I want him to at least be familiar with the writing, growing up seeing it, so the characters do not seem so foreign to him).

With the purchase of the bible, our shopping for Levi's first mother, this special, special person in our lives, is complete.  Now we pray that she will be willing to meet us so we can thank her in person.  Hopefully soon!

Much love,
Blessed Mama       


Sarah H. said...

I LOVE the idea of the Bible with passages marked! What an amazing gift. Praying that she will be curious as well and that the Holy Spirit will speak to her heart. If we are blessed to be able to go through this journey again (praying we are!!!!) I am definitely doing this!

Naomi Rice said...

Wow... that is an amazing gift. I keep checking my blogger to see if the title of your next post is that you are traveling!! Cannot wait to see pics of Levi with you guys =) praying as always!

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