Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Decorate on a Dime: Nursery Style

Posted by Angie at 9:21 AM
On Monday I revealed Levi's nursery with the promise that I would soon blog about how we skimped on spending without skimping on cuteness!  Here are my "Lucky Seven" tips that I learned in this process.

DIY Art:  Dabbling in arts and crafts not only adds a personal touch to a nursery, but it can also yield beautiful pieces for a fraction of the cost!  My "tree art" and the personalized cartoons drawn by a friend add color and life to neutral walls.

Frames 50% off:  Speaking of walls, I never buy frames full price.  Nope--never!  Craft stores (like Hobby Lobby and Michaels) constantly run their frames 50% off...and their websites usually have coupons too!

Use What You Have:  See the bedspread, bed frame, end tables, lamps, and lamp shades in the pictures?  We owned it all "pre-Levi" and made it work in the nursery!  A little blue paint and a stencil brightened up the lap shade.  A few extra pillows tied the blue into the bed.  Look around and use what you might be surprised how much you like it in the room! 

Ask for Practical Gifts:  Crib, crib mattress, and changing table: purchased by my mother.  Quilt with Levi's name on it and stuffed dinosaur: baby shower gifts.  Ikea chair and shelves: purchased with baby shower money....which relates to my next point...

Use "Gifted" Money Wisely:  My husband had one thing he wanted in the nursery: a comfortable chair.  We searched and searched for something that fit our budget, the room, and our desire for durability.  This was an item we were willing to spend on...but not too much!  After all, we have countless diapers and formula containers looming in our future ;-)  When we found this chair at Ikea, with it's slight bounce, cozy footrest, and washable cover, we knew it was the one for us!    

Sew: Whip out the sewing machine or bribe a friend who has one!  My mom helped me make pillows, ties, curtains, and bed skirts for a fraction of the cost.  Instead of buying a $100+ bedding set, I purchased three dinosaur sheets and used one for the fabric accents throughout the room.

And finally, Don't Fear a Change in Plans:  After looking at dozens of baskets for the changing table at numerous stores, I became incredibly frustrated.  I envisioned adorable wicker baskets on the shelves, but couldn't find any that were the right size!  Some too tall, some too small, almost all way out of budget.  I wasn't willing to spend $20 for a basket to hold diapers!  Finally, I "saw" these white plastic buckets.  I had probably wandered past them at least 5 times at various stores.  After measuring them, I discovered they were the PERFECT dimensions...not an inch wasted!  And the price?  Less than $4 each.  I love how they look in the nursery with the cotton ribbons tied on.  Lesson learned--don't be so wedded to one idea that you miss out on other just as awesome options!

On Friday I'll conclude this nursery series with one last look at the inspiration behind it...a "their take/my take" kind of post.  How are your nurseries coming together?  Do you love the way they look?  Or are you still pinning away ideas on your pinterest boards for the future?

Much love,
Blessed Mama


Naomi on September 26, 2012 at 11:51 PM said...

Love the ideas! We are expecting a baby Next month thru adoption ( fingers crossed) and I wanted to update our current nursery ( we have a 15 month old foster baby) with some new DIY frames with cute printable sayings in them! Pinterest is awesome for ideas like that. I'm so excited to buy frames at michaels because I always get their coupons but never thought of frames! Yay thanks!

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