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July Swap

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Friends for Adoption is a "buddy system" that links adopting families together so that they can encourage each other through the twists and turns of the process.  Each month, you and your Friend send and receive encouragements (with a $15.00 limit) in the mail.  This post is about my gift to Brooke.  Even though my husband and I are saving up for our own adoption, we believe we should support others financially, with prayer, and with encouragement as we are able.  Find out more about Friends for Adoption, including how to sign up, here.  

It's been a year!  A WHOLE YEAR!!  Brooke and I have been swapping notes and small "thinking of you" gifts for an entire year now.  This time last year, we met for the first time in person, and I wrote:

It felt like a blind date.

What do I wear?

Will we talk about adoption the whole time?

Or should we talk about other things?

How many embarrassing things could I possibly say over the course of one dinner?

Wait, don't answer that.

If you've been reading Expecting a Blessing for any length of time, it's probably no secret that I made a bloggy friend in Brooke from Taking the Road Less Traveled.  If you forgot how God crossed our paths, you can read that story here.

Friday night, with our husbands along as backup, we met face to face for the first time.  I felt the butterflies when I walked in the restaurant.  When I started my blog, I never imagined I would have dinner with someone I met on the internet.  Only crazy people do that, right?!  Ha.  Add me to that list.

{read the rest of that post here}

What a year it has been.  We began as two young women, hoping, dreaming, waiting to become mothers.  Now, Brooke has a beautiful little girl, in her arms, and I have a son, in Taiwan.  Oh what a year it has been!  How does one encompass a whole year of love and gratitude into one little gift?

I couldn't.  It was too much pressure!  So I settled for a sentimental card (made on, I love me some shutterfly) and something I knew Brooke loved.

I'll end this post the way I wrote it a year ago.

How blessed I am to have an adoption friend like her to share this journey with.  It was so nice to talk to someone who knows exactly what we are going through.  For those of you in need of encouragement, I encourage you to think about Friends for Adoption.  Meeting your Friend in person is certainly not a requirement.  But, you might be surprised, like I was, to see what friendship can bring.

Much love,
Blessed Mama

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