Monday, July 30, 2012

Care Package #2

Posted by Angie at 7:00 AM
The day I finally blogged about our first care package, I put our second one in the mail!  My mom helped out with the last one, so for this one, we had the rest of the family each pick out something small and special for Levi.  Some items (like a hat from my brother) we are saving for when we travel, but others we put in the box.  Are you ready to see what went to Taiwan?

Recognize the book from Friends for Adoption?  Thank you Brooke!
Our cat Haley wanted to go to Taiwan too.
Getting everything all bundled up for the box.
Candy for the staff and nannies who are so "sweet" to our son.
Little outfits from different family members, with tags telling why they are special or who the outfit is from.
Haley again, who REALLY wants to go to Taiwan!
We loved putting this small box together, but what we love even more...the pictures!
Listening to our voices for the 2nd time (first was on skype)!
Thank you Brooke for the book!
A hat from grandpa
The hearts I tied to all the gifts!
The nannies opening the box in the background.
Candy didn't melt!
 And last...but not least...our new favorite picture!!!!

And a sweet message too.  We are SO blessed!

Your package arrived but I received the wrong box at first. The post office made a mistake and we received a box of craft supplies that belonged to someone else. I returned the craft supplies and in turn they gave me your box!!!  The nannies LOVE LOVE LOVE the candies and I translated your sweet hearts and we all 'ooohed and awwwed'. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity. The nannies really love to see the adoptive parent's love for their babies.

Much love,
Blessed Mama


Katie said...

I love the monkey! So cute! Our packages have to be less than a pound, if they were bigger I love the idea of having family pick out stuff. :)

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