Monday, June 4, 2012

A Surprise Shower

Posted by Angie at 8:52 AM
On Memorial Day, we hopped in the car with my husband's parents to head up to his grandparents' house for a day at the lake.  We knew it would be a day of sun, laughter, and a large family reunion, but what we did not know is that we were having our first baby shower!

I should have known something was up when relatives of my husband (some who I had never met, he has a large family) continuously came up to congratulate us on our adoption.  My mother-in-law flashed Levi's picture to every family member who came near.  The love, support, and interest in our adoption already brought me close to tears, and that was before the official "showering" began!

My husband and I had just gone down to the dock and gotten into his grandfather's boat when I saw several of his family members, led by his grandmother, marching down the hill carrying LOTS of packages.  Apparently, all day as people arrived, they stashed the gifts inside before coming out to the backyard.  I couldn't have been more surprised!  And so, our first baby shower was on a boat, in a dock, as I kept saying "I can't believe this" over and over again.

Once we got home, Blessed Papa took some more pictures...on the new camera his parents got us!
Writing down who gave us what for thank you notes

Dasher, who is learning (the hard way) the new rule that not all toys in the house are Dasher toys

We are SO blessed!

Haley scoping it all out...

...before finding a place to settle
Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day too!

Much love,
a VERY Blessed Mama


Cheryl said...

What a blessing!

Erika said...

Thats so wonderful, congratulations. Also thank you and your husband both for blessing this beautiful baby with his very own forever family.

God bless you all

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