Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lovin' on Levi

Posted by Angie at 7:00 AM
{an almost wordless Wednesday post}

Monday we got a few new pictures of Levi.  Each picture is analyzed (well, over-analyzed) by the hubby and me.  Exhibit A:

Me: Oh my goodness!  He's sitting!  He looks so grown up!
Husband:  He looks a little sad in this picture.
Me:  Or thoughtful?
Husband: Maybe...
Me: Nope, I figured it out.  He's looking at those noodles on the mat and thinking Mmmm, those look good.
Husband:  Ha!  Or he's trying to trick us into thinking he's calm and quiet, so that we'll come soon.  Saving up all his energy and mischievousness for when we get there.

We continued on to discuss his toes, his cheeks (getting chubbier!), and his hair.  I'll save you those details.  Join us in praying that we get our first court date VERY soon!

Much love,
Blessed Mama


Katie said...

So cute! I hope you get some news soon! :)

Katrina D Lucas said...

I love reading your blog! It makes me excited for the day that we will adopt (although it is WAY in the future). I'm getting married in August and my future hubby has four adopted sisters from China. Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to adopt but after becoming closer with his family it just made everything more certain. Thanks for sharing! BTW... Levi is so cute!


Sherry Mitchell said...

It's such a blessing that you get all these updates and photos of him. SO different from Russia, and it's nice that you will have these photos of his newborn-ness when he's older. All the best!

Jessicamumford said...

I'll be praying!

ADORABLE boy. Just adorable.

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