Friday, June 29, 2012

A little note from Levi

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"What do you mean my mama hasn't updated the blog in two weeks?!"

"That makes no sense, because she has about 30 new pictures of me that are adorable!  I bet she'll at least get her Friends for Adoption post up on Sunday, since that's July 1st."


Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day from Levi

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Shirt says "Daddy's Little Helper," if you can't read it.

To all the men who have children, young and old.
To all the men who are waiting for children.
To all the men who are "fathers" to their communities, their churches, their colleagues, and their friends.
Happy {early} Father's Day to all the different kinds of fathers!

This time last year, we were waiting and praying for this little face.  This time next year, he should be in his papa's arms!

Much love,
Blessed Mama

NOTE:  I'll be gone for almost two weeks, starting today!  And I already miss you all.  I'm off on a grand adventure with my mother, for her birthday, and will have no internet access.  And then she is going to help me set up the nursery, because I have no sewing skills...and she has many!  So read some of the wonderful blogs on the right side of this page and I'll see you in a bit, rejuvenated, tan, and with some new curtains for Levi's room!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Putting together the crib

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We have a crib in our "guest bedroom."  Levi's room.  This is becoming more and more real every day!

My mom let us know as soon as we got our referral that she would be happy to purchase the crib and changing table for us, as her baby gift.  We spent quite a bit of time looking before we decided on the Graco Somerset Convertible Crib and Dressing Table (in Espresso) from Target.  So far, we love it!  Putting it together though...what an adventure...

Haley, the cat, helping open the box
Haley really loved the box and ties
Pieces of the changing table
Future Papa unpacking the changing table
Future Papa realizing how complicated assembling the dressing table would be, telling me to stop taking pictures and start being more helpful!  In his words, "In order to be a lovely assistant, you have to assist...and be lovely."
Dressing table done! On to the crib.
Our nursery theme is going to be "Colorful with a hint of Dinosaur."  If you keep up with my pinterest boards, you will have seen our crib sheet already.

from here
Here it is coming together in the room! {ignore the mess on the bed, I haven't put away the gifts from our surprise baby shower yet}

I still have many more projects to complete, but this is a huge step!  Let the fun continue as we wait!

Much love,
Blessed Mama

Nursery posts so far:  Wall art inspiration from pinterest, tree art I made, some early thoughts on possibilities, and personalized art for the walls.

Monday, June 11, 2012


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Most little boys like to run.  Or so I'm told.  Once they hit that toddler stage they bolt!  The thing is, I am not that much of a runner.  But, for my own health (and sanity), I figure it's time to become one.  So that by the time Levi gets here, I can look like this.

{from here}

And not this (well, at least not all the time, ha).
{from here}

Two weeks of a running regiment with my husband complete!  Let's see how long I can keep it up.  How do you keep up your exercising once you have a baby?

{from here}

Much love,
Blessed Mama

Friday, June 8, 2012

Heavy Sleeper

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I'm a heavy sleeper.  So heavy, in fact, that my mom had no problem putting my youngest brother's crib in my bedroom.  I slept through every midnight feeding and diaper change of his infancy.

Our shared room...see the hint of blue in the crib for him?  Poor boy ;-)
That's me!  I was very excited to be getting another little brother.

I still have a tendency to sleep through alarm clocks and carry on morning conversations without remembering them.  It will be interesting to see how this changes once Levi is home!

And since you got a peek at my youngest brother's's mine!  My parents didn't know if I would be a boy or a girl, so my nursery was gender neutral.  My mom put up the wallpaper while pregnant and hand-painted the care bear frames much love goes into these rooms!  Levi's crib has arrived...more on that soon.

Much love,
Blessed Mama

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lovin' on Levi

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{an almost wordless Wednesday post}

Monday we got a few new pictures of Levi.  Each picture is analyzed (well, over-analyzed) by the hubby and me.  Exhibit A:

Me: Oh my goodness!  He's sitting!  He looks so grown up!
Husband:  He looks a little sad in this picture.
Me:  Or thoughtful?
Husband: Maybe...
Me: Nope, I figured it out.  He's looking at those noodles on the mat and thinking Mmmm, those look good.
Husband:  Ha!  Or he's trying to trick us into thinking he's calm and quiet, so that we'll come soon.  Saving up all his energy and mischievousness for when we get there.

We continued on to discuss his toes, his cheeks (getting chubbier!), and his hair.  I'll save you those details.  Join us in praying that we get our first court date VERY soon!

Much love,
Blessed Mama

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Surprise Shower

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On Memorial Day, we hopped in the car with my husband's parents to head up to his grandparents' house for a day at the lake.  We knew it would be a day of sun, laughter, and a large family reunion, but what we did not know is that we were having our first baby shower!

I should have known something was up when relatives of my husband (some who I had never met, he has a large family) continuously came up to congratulate us on our adoption.  My mother-in-law flashed Levi's picture to every family member who came near.  The love, support, and interest in our adoption already brought me close to tears, and that was before the official "showering" began!

My husband and I had just gone down to the dock and gotten into his grandfather's boat when I saw several of his family members, led by his grandmother, marching down the hill carrying LOTS of packages.  Apparently, all day as people arrived, they stashed the gifts inside before coming out to the backyard.  I couldn't have been more surprised!  And so, our first baby shower was on a boat, in a dock, as I kept saying "I can't believe this" over and over again.

Once we got home, Blessed Papa took some more pictures...on the new camera his parents got us!
Writing down who gave us what for thank you notes

Dasher, who is learning (the hard way) the new rule that not all toys in the house are Dasher toys

We are SO blessed!

Haley scoping it all out...

...before finding a place to settle
Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day too!

Much love,
a VERY Blessed Mama

Friday, June 1, 2012

May Swap

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Friends for Adoption is a "buddy system" that links adopting families together so that they can encourage each other through the twists and turns of the process.  Each month, you and your Friend send and receive encouragements (with a $15.00 limit) in the mail.  This post is about my gift to Brooke.  Even though my husband and I are saving up for our own adoption, we believe we should support others financially, with prayer, and with encouragement as we are able.  Find out more about Friends for Adoption, including how to sign up, here.  

Last month, Brooke had a baby shower.  We live pretty far apart, so sadly I had to miss it.  To make up for it, I got Brooke a little something off her registry!

It's called a Lamaze Tug and Play and it looks like so much fun.  I was excited to see what she thought of it...because it looks like something we could buy for Levi too ;-)  A week or so after I ordered it, this picture appeared in my inbox...

So cute!  Looks like a hit to me!

Speaking of hits...I know I say this every time, but I REALLY love what Brooke got me this month.  Check it out on her blog, because you have the chance to win one too!  And if your too impatient to win one, you can get 10% off right now!

Much love,
Blessed Mama 

Want to catch up on our past swaps?  Need some gift ideas?  Here's the July's swap, August swap, September swap, October Swap,  November Swap, December Swap, January swap, February swap, March swap, and April swap!
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