Monday, May 28, 2012

Our First Skype Date

Posted by Angie at 7:30 AM

Dear Levi,

On the morning of your 3 week birthday, May 21, 2012 (your time, it was still the 20th for us), we spoke with you for the first time.  One of your amazing caretakers, Ashleigh, set up skype and let us talk to you for a full 29 minutes.  And we loved EVERY minute of it!  You were wide awake, squirmed all around, and we were surprised you never cried.  You also loved to look at us on the computer screen--which was fine with us, because we loved looking at you too!  Ashleigh said you had hiccups.  We talked about all sorts of things, like how fast you were growing, what types of things you might need, and, of course, our trip to finally meet you in person!  Ashleigh asked us how old you would be at Christmas and we realized that you would be about 8 months old.  Wow!  An 8 month old baby crawling around all our Christmas decorations!  What a wonderful thing to think about.  Your dad and I were a little nervous before we skyped, but as soon as we saw your face, all those nerves just melted away.  You aren't smiling just yet, but are moving your little face around in all sorts of funny expressions.  We think you are going to be making some pretty great faces soon.  Ashleigh said your face was so soft.  We thought your hair was pretty long for a baby your age, but Ashleigh said that for Taiwanese babies, that wasn't a lot of hair.  Either way, you have more hair than daddy right now (who just shaved his head)!  We love you so much Levi and can't wait until we are holding you in our arms.  Mommy and daddy are praying for you, little one, and you are always on our minds.

Mom and Dad

P.S.  We won a Liebster award from the blog "Becoming the Miller Family!"  They are adopting from Uganda.  Thanks Michelle!!


Laura said...

He is adorable!

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