Friday, February 17, 2012

Love, love, love...

Posted by Angie at 7:18 AM
Sometimes, my breath is still taken away when I see that from tragedy, from heartbreak, and from broken roads, love can blossom.  Love does blossom.  This adoption process, while not always easy, is a tremendous reminder of love.

{Brooke's new baby girl, via adoption}
The love of my husband, as he kisses my forehead before heading to the police station to request our 911 call records for a second time.  The love of my friend, who mailed and then e-mailed a letter of recommendation to our social worker, filled with such beautiful words about us that I tear up just thinking about them.  The love of my mom, who will be visiting someone she has never met for me, just to share a smile and something pink.

The love of His Hands, who posts pictures that brighten my day and allow me to dream.
{from His Hands on it the image to make it bigger}

The love involved in my own adoption.
{available for purchase here}
And soon, someday soon, we will have a new little face to love on.  But until then, there is plenty to love, right here.  

Much love,
Future Mama

P.S.  Want to spread a little love?  Be a miracle to this ministry, because every bit counts!


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