Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adoption involves tragedy

Posted by Angie at 7:01 AM
There are moments I feel so impatient.  Moments arise when I feel frustrated.  Moments come when I wonder why things aren't happening quicker.  There are millions of orphans just waiting for a home, right?  Why don't we have a match?  Almost immediately, I remember...

Adoption involves tragedy.

A child is abandoned.  A mother decides that she will not care for the baby in her belly or in her arms.  This is a child she has loved.  She carried this child for nine months of pregnancy when an abortions are readily available (in Taiwan).  But for a reason, usually many reasons (her age, cultural pressures, economic pressures, and/or family pressure) she decides she will not keep her baby.

I want that child to be with their mother as long as possible.  I want this mother to be able to cuddle the baby, kiss the baby, and watch the baby breathe in and out.  I want her to be able to study the baby's face and see her own nose, ears, or eyes looking back up at her.  Ultimately, I do not want her to be in this position.  I pray for her parents to accept her and the child, or for an employee to hire her even though she is an unwed mother.  My heart breaks for her.  If she loves the baby, and if she wants to, I want her to be able to keep her child.

This is why we support His Hands...because adoptive parents don't come first.  The longer we wait on this list, the more we are convinced that His Hands is staying true to their mission.  It can be tough.  We are ready to be parents.  There are easier ways.  We see referrals on blogs, gotcha videos online, and friends getting pregnant while we wait.  Other roads would be easier for us.  But deep in our hearts, we know that is not what God is calling us to do.  He is calling us to support this ministry both financially and with prayer.  To wait.  To wait.  To wait.  And to watch His plan, not ours, unfold.

I pray for God to remind me that the wait is good.  The wait means that our baby is saved from tragedy another minute, another day, another week.  The wait means that the baby's mother is having a long, healthy, 9 month pregnancy.  As soon as the child is in at His Hands, waiting to be adopted, I absolutely want to move with the quickest speed.  No child should grow up without a family.  No child should grow up in an orphanage.  But until that moment when our baby is an orphan in the eyes of Taiwanese law, I want our child to be with and loved by his or her first mother as long as possible.  I don't want to take a moment away from her.

And so, I wait and pray that God will help me to be content in this journey. 

Much love,
Future Mama


Katie on November 9, 2011 at 9:06 AM said...

go post today.  I feel like so often the BM's are forgotten or made to be the bad guy.    Like you said the longer my husband and I have been in this process we have come to see our BM as a hero... regardless of her other life choices she chose to give our babies life and that was so brave.  

Brooke said...

So so true! Thanks for the reminder <3


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