Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A sweet story

Posted by Angie at 7:17 AM
On Monday I wrote about sharing our testimony at an adoption conference.  Today I would love to share a sweet little story that is going to stick with me in the tough days ahead.  But first, let me show you this board I made for the conference.

This poster includes pictures of families within the local adoption ministry and their kids.  Some are referral pictures, some are family day pictures, some are pictures of them now.  While we were setting up Friday night for the conference, many of these kids were running around playing.  As I set up this board, two curious little ones (both about five or a bit older) came up to see.  They were adopted from China.

"Are you on this board?"  I asked with a smile.
I already knew the answer to that question ;-)

They simultanously began pointing and showing me every picture they were in.

"This is me in China!"
"This was when I met my daddy!"
"That's my sister and me!"
"That's my baby picture!"

For each picture they jabbed their little fingers on the board, putting fingerprints all over the images, but I couldn't care less.  How beautiful it was for me to see two children so comfortable and proud of their adoption stories.  These pictures were not new to them.  They knew their story.  They also were proud to point out their mamas and papas, united by love, not blood.

I know that one day they will have questions about their identity and will sort through the pain and heartbreak that is involved in adoptions.  But right now, they are loved, confident, thriving elementary school children.  After showing me all the pictures, they ran off to continue their game of tag through the church hall.  Another mother came up to me a bit later and said "This time next year your child's picture will be up on that board."

I hope so.

Much love,
Future Mama


Katie Lindsey on October 19, 2011 at 9:24 AM said...

Awww, how cute. :) I hope you have a referral a year from now! Did you decide on a home study agency yet?

Brooke said...

PRAYING that this time next year your sweet little one is right there on that board too!


Jessicamumford said...

What a sweet board, sweet little kids, and sweet thought that your pictures WILL soon be on that same board!

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