Friday, August 19, 2011

You have seen me excited

Posted by Angie at 8:03 AM
You have seen me excited when babies go home.

You have seen me excited when families are made.

You have seen me excited to share that we are adopting through His Hands.

You have seen me excited to share their mission to love and support Taiwanese mothers.

Yesterday, His Hands posted a new picture to their face*book page.

And it makes me excited.

"Here the moms go to check out their future home. The owner of this large building is considering keeping a section of rooms just for young moms who wish to keep their babies."

Birth mothers/Natural mothers/First mothers, or whatever you choose to call them, given a choice.  A real choice.  What a blessing.  They are young, unwed, and immersed in a culture that completely accepts and often encourages abortions.  They are strong for taking the time to decide for themselves what life they want for both themselves and their children.  Some will choose to raise their children.  For some, adoption will be their decision.  Praise God that ministries like His Hands are working to make it just that...their decision.

Much love,
Future Mama 

Need encouragement for your adoption right now?  I highly recommend you read this beautiful post by Jen Hatmaker.


Brooke said...

One of the many reasons I am so honored to be waiting to adopt from His Hands Taiwan <3 


Sarah H. said...

I LOVE that HH loves, supports, and encourages these mommas in such a practical and tangible way. Talk about showing them Jesus! This picture makes me excited too! :)

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