Friday, June 10, 2011

You Just Might Pee Your Pants

Posted by Angie at 10:30 AM
Since I have been a bit on the serious side this week, as evident here and here, let's end the week with a bit of fun!  And since this week seems to be the week of sharing, today let me share with you today one of the FUNNIEST blogs on the internet.

For real.

It cracks me up.

Like these pictures of laughing animals do.
 But enough horsing around (why yes, I am referencing the middle picture above), let's get down to business.

Who: The Meanest Mom
What:  Every mother has moments with her children that she would just as soon forget. This blog reclaims the feelings of desperation, frustration, anger, and humiliation that we experience on a daily basis. In doing so, it reminds us that what doesn't seem funny at the time, really is.
Where: Right Here
When: Anytime you want to cry, but need to laugh.  But warning, you just may laugh so hard you end up crying anyway.
Why:  Because life needs laughter!

The Meanest Mom

So go ahead, laugh a little.  Start from the top, or start with some of my favorite posts, here, here, here and here.

And since I love laughing animals, here is a picture of my favorite two boys, Future Papa and our pup Dasher.
Pretty funny, right?!

Much love,
A giggling Future Mama

P.S. 11 More Days.  Click Here, Click Like.  Repeat Daily.


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