Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Nursery: Early Thoughts

Posted by Angie at 7:45 AM
Our baby's nursery.  

Something I am just so excited to start putting together.
On a budget.
Hello DIY projects!
Comfy, clean, cozy, cute, and cheap we come!

Does our baby need a special nursery?!  He or she will have spend the first 6 to 8 months of his or her little life in a room of cribs, shared with all the other little babies who are waiting on mommies and daddies.  Moving from an orphanage to a home will be an adjustment in itself for our little one. 

So are we making a special nursery?  Yes :-)  What can I say, I am a victim of the "first-time-parent" syndrome!  I want the cute little room with the bright colors and bows.  But, I refuse to pay big bucks for it.   
This little project is going to help me get through the waiting.

We are designing a gender neutral nursery, since we don't know yet if we will be referred a boy or a girl.  Once we receive the referral, I can always tweak the room by adding a pink throw pillow here...
 ...or a red truck there.
Another key factor:  the nursery will be doubling as a guest room...kinda.  Our house only has 2 bedrooms, so we will be keeping a double bed in the nursery.  But we won't actually have our guests entertain an infant roommate when they come to stay!  My husband and I will stay in the nursery/guest room while the guests enjoy our quiet bedroom.  Happy baby, happy parents, happy guests.

Some nursery tips I have received so far:
  • Don't overspend on bedding.  The baby is just going to cover it will drool and other bodily discharges.
  • Sneak as much storage into the room as possible.  
  • Keep it simple and practical.  Cute accessories will need to be moved as soon as our darling bean is walking and simply require more dusting (which I am told I will not have time to do, hehe).
  • Decorate for yourself.  Babies aren't picky!  Don't pick a nursery theme that you will have to change when the baby becomes a toddler.  When you walk in the room for a 2 am feeding, it should be decorated in a way that will make you smile.
What tips would you add to my list?

Much love,
Future Mama


Anonymous said...

after having two children...i wish i had not wasted so much time on the nursery period. both of our girls slept with us (still do, they are 2 yrs and 4 yrs now), which made it so much easier for those 2 a.m. feedings. 3 things to get: crib, changing table with some storage area underneath for diapers/wipes/clothes, then spend some money on a nice rocker and put it on your room. baby towels and bath stuff can go in the bathroom, and all those clothes you get can go in the guest room closet. and even put the crib in your room, it's actually recommended by the AAP that babies sleep in the same room as their parents during the first 6 months of life...i think, especially as adoptive parents, keeping your baby close to you as much as you can, including sleeping, will only facilitate and help with bonding and attachment. babies/toddlers/children NEED that closeness and CRAVE it...and you have NEVER hold a baby too much or spoil them by always having them with you...if people tell you this, ignore them, you are the mama and you know best!
then, you AND your child can decorate their room when they are old enough, and you can keep your guest room for now. definitely something to look forward to! :)

The Wayman Family Nest said...

Yeah! So exciting! I've started collecting a few nursery items as well. I've got it all planned out in my head. Just waiting until we are a little further along in the adoption process to get started. Thanks for those tips!

Luann on December 7, 2011 at 4:07 PM said...

to consider this;

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