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How I am going to tell my mother!

Posted by Angie at 4:56 PM
As I mentioned in this post, now that we have our country, our agency, and are officially unofficially accepted, we figure it's probably about time that we let our folks know what we are up to!  (Again, let me give y'all my qualifying note: Our families know that we have an interest in adoption and that we are in an adoption ministry, so this won't come as a complete shock to them that we are adopting!)

Mother's Day is quickly approaching (shameless plug:  need a gift?  we are selling jewelry! or how about a Leaves of Love tree?) and my mother and two younger brothers are going to be visiting us for the weekend.  In addition to celebrating my wonderful mother on Mother's Day, we are celebrating my successful MA thesis defense, my next youngest brother's upcoming birthday (21!), and my littlest brother's graduation from high school.  What a weekend, huh?!  My mom is coming up from Florida, one brother from Alabama, and another from Georgia, so the Future Papa and I are quite excited about hosting this little reunion.

So why not throw our adoption news into the mix :-)  For those of you loyal blog readers who have been with me from the beginning, remember my first giveaway, the paper bead bracelets?  Well, I loved them so much that I couldn't resist ordering one for myself and supporting her wonderful cause.

Isn't it just beautiful?  She custom made it for me!  I asked for it to be colorful (so it would match everything) and also asked for the phrase "one less,"  after the Matthew West song.  If you haven't heard it, here is a link to a music video.

So, on Monday I e-mailed the mother of the little girl who made this bracelet and asked if she could make a simpler version (just one strand, not three, like the one pictured above).  She said yes, so I ordered two and will hopefully be getting them early next week!  One will be for my mother, one for my mother-in-law.  I just got the pictures this morning (woo hoo!!), so here is what they look like:

And so, without further ado, drum roll please......
Grand Plan for Announcing Adoption to my Mother (and brothers, simultaneously)
  • Mother's Day: Have four wrapped gifts on the table.  
    • My one brother's birthday present
    • My other brother's graduation present
    • A gift for my mother for Mother's Day
    • A gift for me for Mother's Day (she will likely assume this is because I am the mama to Dasher, who we spoil rotten and talk about as if he were a human baby)
  •  Brothers open their gifts.
  • Mom and I open our gifts at the same time (of course, I already know what is in mine, the bracelet I ordered months ago)
  • I don't think she is going to get it right away.  Maybe she will, she's pretty quick, but I don't think she has heard the song.  At the point, we head into the living room where we will have set up our "adoption announcement" video.  
  • Que video and surprise!  Y'all are going to be a grandma/uncles!
How we are going to tell my In-Laws
  • Wrap matching bracelet and mail it to them
  • Include a link to blog
  • Have video posted to blog announcing the news
  • Anticipate a phone call from them!
How we are going to tell my Father
  • Ok, so this plan needs help.  Obviously I am not going to mail him a bracelet ;-)  But I still like the idea of sending something?  Ideas?  At this point, I may be keeping it simple...e-mailing him the link to our blog and letting him see the video from there.
Several of my fabulous readers have warned us to guard our hearts for the negative responses we are bound to receive when we start sharing the news of our adoption.  We really appreciate you looking out for us!  Luckily, we are fairly certain that our immediate families, who are well aware that we have a heart for the orphan, will be supportive.  In fact, I have been talking so much about the fabulous adoption ministry we co-founded that I almost wonder if we are going to get the "What took you so long/We are sooooo not surprised" response!  I am so sorry to hear that there is so much negativity out there and know it is going to break my heart when we start getting negative responses...but hopefully this won't be an issue just yet!    

Ok, so I mentioned the adoption video several times, but have not explained what that is in detail yet, I know!  But this post is long enough, you can look forward to news on that early next week.

What do think of our plans?  Ideas?  Suggestions??  We are still tweaking them and would love any thoughts that you have!!

Much love,
Future Mama


Michelle Zach Miller on April 28, 2011 at 5:10 PM said...

Mail a frisbee! You can put the announcement on the back and put the address on the front and just mail it like that! Has been a huge hit as our "thank you" cards!

Future Mama on April 28, 2011 at 5:20 PM said...

LOVE IT! I had no idea. I may even be super corny and make up some sort of poem to my dad...a definite contender idea, thanks!!!

SassyAgapi on April 28, 2011 at 7:34 PM said...

If you could get a hold of a postcard from Taiwan (ebay?) & come up with something clever for it to say.

kim on April 28, 2011 at 9:21 PM said...

Wow, that sounds like FUN!!

Christy on April 28, 2011 at 9:43 PM said...

Good luck! My only concern is that you're sending your in-laws to your blog where you've been discussing this for a while. Will seeing your blog before you've talked to them be at all upsetting that you've been discussing this with strangers before telling them? Otherwise - great ideas! I'm sure they'll all be thrilled!!!

Melanie said...

AWESOME!!!!! Love the song too. I can't stop listening to it...thank you for opening up and sharing this with all of us.


Sarah H said...

I think about my Dad and what he really likes for his grandchildren are small picture frames he can put on his dresser. Very simple and straightforward, so maybe you can run to a craft store, get a small frame (for a 4x6ish pic) and either put a note in the frame such as "space reserved for future grandchild" or the phrase "one less" or craft the worlds "one less" or "I <3 Grandpa" or something- whichever fits your family. Good luck!

Kaleena said...

Love the bracelets! I love that song too. Great idea. Sorry, I'm no help with ideas for the father. :)

Kryste on April 29, 2011 at 8:11 PM said...

Great ideas for announcing your adoption!

I LOOOOOOOVE the "One Less" bracelets. I'm gonna ask her to do the same for me!

Sarah Habuda said...

I am so excited that you will finally get to share the news with your family!! I love the bracelets. Make sure you have lots of Kleenex ready! :) I'm so happy for you friend...and what a perfect day to share the news.

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