Monday, April 18, 2011

First Purchase for Baby!

Posted by Angie at 7:00 AM
I just couldn't resist!  Remember when this sweet family had an online auction to raise funds for their Ethiopian baby-to-be?  Well, when I give shout-outs for people's products/events, I love to not just talk the talk but walk the walk, when possible.  So, a couple weeks back, here I am scrolling through their auction...

That's cute...


How adorable...


So I bid!  And I won!  In the process, I broke all the "rules" I had set for myself.
     Rule 1: No buying things for baby until we have finished our homestudy and are officially in the waiting stage.
     Rule 2: Only buy gender neutral items, since we don't know if we will be having a boy or a girl.
     Rule 3: Try, try, try to not go crazy with the shopping.  Put the money into the gaping hole that is our adoption fund.  Cute clothes, little toys, fun books will all come much more easily in future baby showers...

Ok, are you excited to see the item that broke all the rules?  Here it is!!
Future Papa opening the package
Giving me a goofy face
Taking out the top...see it?!
YAY!!! First baby purchase!!
And the pants! {in this shot you can see that I had been staring at my computer for waaaay too long eyes were so tired!}
Dasher checking out his potential little sister's first outfit
Close up!  Love the Asian feel to this outfit.
Future Papa put his hat down on the table and claimed the outfit was complete!  It seems we have a future Braves baseball fan coming our way ;-)

I may have broken all the rules, but I LOVE it!  If we have a little girl, this will be perfect :-)  And if we have a little boy...then we can save it for a future little sister!  Or...give it away in a baby shower.

After leaving it on our kitchen table for about a week, I finally hung it front and center on my side of the closet.  Every morning I see it when I get dressed and I smile.

Adopting mamas, how much are ya'll buying for your little one ahead of time?  Or, for my mamas who have already adopted, any advice on things we should NOT get just yet?

Much love,
Future Mama


Brooke Annessa said...

We are hoping for a girl...praying for a girl...and asking for a really hope we get a girl! Knowing that makes it SO HARD not to shop! What I've been doing is only getting something If I know for a fact I would be sad to not have it when she got here. We just bought these cloth butterflies that stick to the wall, they are beautiful! I knew I would be sad if we went to get the nursery ready and I didn't have them for her.

So I guess that my advice! If you know that when she's here you would truly be sad to not have that item, go for it!

Other than that, we're planning on not doing anything other than painting the room and possibly buying the furniture if it goes on sale until we get her little picture.

God is SO teaching me patience through this adoption!

Brooke Annessa

Sarah Habuda said...

I LOVE it!!! :) I'm trying so hard not to buy a lot either....but...


Katie said...

I painted a piggy bank at the pottery store...I have quite a collection of baby things beginning to pile up but I am happy to say I have not bought one of them ... yet... ok that's not true I bought something in Dec. Ha, I'm remembering as I type.. I think it's a hopeless pursuit to try and NOT buy things for our babies! It's way too much fun!


Joseph Rydholm on April 19, 2011 at 2:10 PM said...

Cute outfit! I definitely recommend breaking the rules from time to time!

As for what not to buy, I'd say don't buy anything in a small size. With Willa, we planned on going the eco route and doing cloth diapers, so I acquired a bunch of them. Guess what? None of them fit her because she was way too big! In fact, she didn't fit into any of the outfits we brought to Taiwan with us, so we pretty much just put her in tops and BabyLegs the whole time. So I guess the moral of my story some BabyLegs? :-)

Future Mama on April 19, 2011 at 10:09 PM said...

Haha, love it!

Future Mama on April 19, 2011 at 10:10 PM said...

So helpful! Thank you!! Haha, I am imagining myself explaining to my husband what BabyLegs are :-)

Kryste on April 21, 2011 at 12:06 PM said...

Cute! I broke the "no purchases until we were done with the homestudy phase" too. I need to post pics because I found the most precious handmade brown baby ragdoll on etsy and since another fundraising family was making them, I couldn't say no. It's sitting on my dresser but my kids all take turns sleeping with " future sister's dolly". :)

Future Mama on April 21, 2011 at 5:13 PM said...

Oh yes, post some pictures!!! Would love to see it :-)

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