Monday, February 7, 2011

Need YOUR help! Because apparently I love dinosaurs.

Posted by Angie at 8:16 PM
So, I have been shopping for myself, I mean, for our newest fundraiser, and I gotta tell ya...this auction is going to BE ROCKIN'!  But as I have been scrolling through websites looking at potential items for our future baby, errr, the auction fundraiser, I have noticed a trend.  For instance, I apparently have a thing for dinosaurs...

Are bird necklaces a weird thing to like?  Because apparently I love those too!
Hmm...I hope I am not the only one out there who loves these things...because these four items are just four of the many INCREDIBLE items that are going to be up for auction this Saturday!  Woo hoo! 

But please...before I keep asking for donations for things that I just love...tell me...what are some things that you love?  What do your kids love?  Let's see if I can get them for the auction!  Don't worry about it being too big, or small, or crazy (helllooooo, you are talking to the lady who loves bird necklaces).  Just post it in a comment! 

Been eying an item on ETSY?  Post the link!  Pretty please!!  You just never know what may happen.  And I am starting the bidding for all the items at about 1/2 price, so you may just get lucky and score an amazing deal!

Much love,
Future Mama


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