Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Mother-in-law's Curse

Posted by Angie at 11:10 AM
From a young age, we noticed there was something interesting about our young puppy.  Sure, he was cute.

But he also had A LOT of energy.

Now, before you go on to tell me that all puppies have a lot of energy, let me offer a few examples.  Dasher rarely stops running.

Which is why most pictures of of him are blurry.

Frigid cold weather...

...nor the heat of the summer... able to slow him down.  

Still not convinced that this is more than normal puppy energy?  Let me offer some quotes from his report cards, written by doggie experts (from the place where we board him when we are away).
  • "Dash had a great time during this vacation with us.  He enjoyed playing with the other dogs and will just run around until someone else joins in.  He had a blast!"
  • "Dash had so much fun during his sleepover, but we have to say, he certainly didn't sleep during the day!  He enjoyed playing and basically doesn't stop the whole time he is here.  We can't wait to see him again!"
Why does our darling Dasher have so much energy?  My Mother-in-law's curse.  You see, when the Future Papa was a wee child, he had a lot of energy.  So much, I am told, that his mother could hardly handle his wild antics.  He was constantly moving, running, and creating mischief and mayhem.  Future Papa is the son of a music minister.  At church, instead of being the reverend's angelic, darling son, I am told he was quite the opposite.

Thanks to the dedication of his parents, the Future Papa turned into a fine young lad.  But, this was not enough to prevent my lovely Mother-in-law from placing a curse upon us:  That he may one day have a child as high energy and mischievous as he was.  

Now, the Future Papa's parents watched with interest as we adopted a puppy from our local animal shelter.  And they squealed with glee watching us put up with his less-than-angelic antics.  

My question is Dasher the fulfillment of the Mother-in-law's curse?  Or by adopting a child not technically of our blood, are we circumventing the spell?  Or is there, perhaps, something worse to come...

**Note: Despite his mischief (perhaps a topic for another post), we LOVE our puppy, now dog.  His high energy is manageable with two long walks daily and fetch before dinner.  He is named after Dasher the reindeer because he we adopted him at Christmastime.  Perhaps our problems would have been solved if we had named him Sleepy instead...

Much love,
Future Mama



4thesakeofONE on January 28, 2011 at 6:27 AM said...

We have two rescued dogs that are a lot like that too. They are a mess but we love them! :) Hopefully this is the end of the curse! LOL

Stephanie said...

I feel like I could have written this exact post! We have a mutated, high energy cocker spaniel who is no doubt payback for my husband's terrible childhood antics! My MIL tells me all the time that it's scary how much alike they are, and hopes that the dog, and not the child(for my sake!) will be the payback! Tucker has definitely taken on my husband's high strung energy, but I love them just the same! :)

SassyAgapi on April 2, 2011 at 1:36 AM said...

what a cuuute dog!

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