Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Face of Truth

Posted by Angie at 3:03 PM
This morning, work obligations required that I get up earlier than usual to attend a meeting.  I'm not an early-morning person.  I'm not a cold-weather person.  I'm not a go-out-in-the-rain person.  Of course, today I got to enjoy all three.

As I stumbled around the kitchen, putting the last few items together for lunch, my hubby walked in.  He picked up my yogurt.  He doesn't like yogurt.  He made a face similar to this:
I have to admit, it was a pretty funny face.  Comical disgust.  But at this time in the morning, all I could get out was "Didn't your mom ever tell you your face could get stuck like that?  Stop." I snatched up my yogurt, threw it in the lunchbox, and prepared to meet the cold, dark, drizzle.

"What, you don't like the face of truth?" said Future Papa with a smirk.

And that's what got me laughing.  Pure smiles.  It sounds silly, I know, but it was exactly what I needed this grouchy morning.  A hug, a kiss, and out the door I went, still smiling as I sealed myself in the cold car and cranked up the heat.  Sigh, don't you just love those little moments where someone reminds you just how great it is to be alive and healthy

Of course now, it is about 3:00 in the afternoon and all I can think about is this...
But no!  No naps!  Away I will chug.  This first thesis chapter is not going to finish itself!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday.

Much love,
Future Mama
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