Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WOW: Adoption Cravings?

Posted by Angie at 7:02 AM
{Definition: WOW Wednesday.  Also known as Words of Wisdom Wednesdays.  This is a post which begs invites you to SHARE your wisdom with first time me!}

Haven't had one of these posts for awhile!  But, it is Wednesday, and I do have a question for my adopting/adoptive mamas out here we go!

Did you get weird cravings during the adoption process?  Are you questioning your sanity as you reach for a strange food item?  Do you want something you usually hate? 

Because I do.  I have the strangest craving for something that I usually despise.

Be still my heart...a brand new jar...
And not just any pickles!  Bread and butter pickles.  And I can't get enough of them these days. 

Is that weird, or what?!

Much love,
Future Mama 


Lesliekirk6 said...

No adoption cravings for me...I just always crave sweets ;)

Bethanie Huffman said...

During the three years leading up to our daughter's placement, I would joke that I was eating for two.  I gained 30 lbs.  I've lost 20 of those lbs since she came just trying to keep up with her. 
One strange thing though: I have always enjoyed really hot showers.  Now I can't stand a shower warmer than lukewarm. 

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